Yesterday the news broke that the Yale Farm Golf Course applicants were withdrawing their applications for a world class golf course in a rural area of northwest Connecticut.  For the last two years I thought this moment would come; but for many years the safer bet would have been that the golf course would get approved and developed.

The developer, Roland Betts, was a personal friend of George W. Bush.  They were, at one time, coowners of the Texas Rangers.  The public relation phase for the development, in 2002, coincided with a public relation phase for getting this country to invade Iraq.  The parallels in misinforming the public by these old school chums from different political parties profoundly affected both my life and, eventually, my writing of Systems out of Balance.  Other plans for web entries are to be temporarily put on hold.  The Middle Class Forum will begin a retrospective series about these parallels between golf course application and third world country invasion, and how both changed my life forever.  In the next entry I will set the chronological stage leading up to that fateful year, 2002.

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