Sure, I’m a UConn fan because I’m an alumnus.  Sure, I’m a fan because they’ve become a dynasty.  Beyond that, I’m a fan because of how they’ve become a dynasty.  I took the following excerpt of a speech given by associate coach Chris Dailey at the 8th Annual Sterling House Celebrity Breakfast, where she was presented an award, as reported by Rich Elliott in his blog for the Connecticut Post.  GE they are not.

“Like when we started we were so bad you guys could’ve helped us. Now, 26 years later, there’s a smaller pool of kids out there that can physically help us. And then out of that group there’s even a smaller group that fit Connecticut. And by that I mean kids that want to be part of something bigger than themselves. We’re living in a society where it’s all about me, me, me, me, me. And that’s how kids are raised and that’s what they think about. Me, me, me, me. And it’s really difficult to go out and find those young people who want to be part of something bigger and they don’t care about `me.’ That they care about the group. That they care about other things. That the care about the people in the community. That they care about doing well in school. And that’s probably the toughest part is to find those players that fit that are good enough to help us, that fit our style of play and that want to be part of something as opposed to be the something and have all the attention. When you think back we’ve had players on our team that could’ve gone anywhere in the country. Whether it was Maya Moore, Diana (Taurasi), Tina, Renee, and they would’ve been `it.’ That’s what it would’ve been. And they chose something different. They chose to be part of something that in the end provided them with everything they wanted to begin with … the success, the championships, the awards. All those things. But they did it in a way that I think is healthier. It’s a better way that you’re a part of something and you understand that you need your teammates and you need other people in order to be successful.’’