admin on April 29th, 2011

Sure, I’m a UConn fan because I’m an alumnus.  Sure, I’m a fan because they’ve become a dynasty.  Beyond that, I’m a fan because of how they’ve become a dynasty.  I took the following excerpt of a speech given by associate coach Chris Dailey at the 8th Annual Sterling House Celebrity Breakfast, where she was […]

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admin on January 23rd, 2011

Samarie Walker, a young freshman on the UConn women’s basketball team, has transferred out mid-season.  Piecing together statements from AAU coaches, UConn coaches and reports over the past few years here is my interpretation of what happened.  Walker idolized a former UConn player from her area.  When UConn offered a scholarship she followed her idol’s […]

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admin on June 10th, 2010

I’ve changed the title of the chapters so that the introduction is now “Human Nature” while Part Two of Restoring Balance is “Altruism.”  Here is that chapter. ALTRUISM Religion can be so confusing for a kid, particularly one with perhaps a too literal mind.  Even while being too young to know about tautologies or circular […]

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admin on June 4th, 2010

There’s an article in Science titled “The Psychological Consequences of Money.”  The authors liken the effects of money to an intoxicating drug that encourages antisocial behavior.  People enamored with money want to be left alone. The problem with the article is that they label this antisocial state as self-sufficiency, a serious bit of misinformation.  How […]

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admin on September 5th, 2009

I’ve been starting on my next book, Information out of Balance, featuring the ten misinformation principles.  I will copy and paste what I wrote for Misinformation Principle #10: Misinformation increases our vanity, cynicism and apprehensions The abuse of our altruistic trust comes at a heavy cost, the focus of the final chapter.  Vanity and apprehension […]

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admin on June 20th, 2009

My comment policy dictates that people leave their name and town of residence for their comments to be posted.  The anonymity of the Internet is not a good thing in my view, fueling the movement away from community that is occurring in this country.  Admittedly this may be a quixotic battle on my part, the […]

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admin on June 8th, 2009

I am not finished with revamping my web log for the post publishing phase of  Systems out of Balance, yet I can’t resist tackling what I consider the most fundamental question we have to address for determining how our economic, political and cultural systems should function:  Are we naturally bad? I will tackle this question […]

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admin on January 26th, 2009

Office talk the other day centered around Obama’s inaugaration.  Since my “office” is a nonprofit conservation group, it’s fairly safe to say they are Obama supporters, particularly encouraged by Obama’s promise to bolster EPA funding.  As I have reported here on The Middle Class Forum I voted for Obama as well but, being an overall […]

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admin on December 25th, 2008

The three most striking events in Christianity are the Crucifixion, Resurrection and Pentecost.  Each provides their own lesson in regards to overcoming the sin of separation.  As excerpted from “Essay 18 – Our Sense of Belonging” in Systems out of Balance: “Christians have the ultimate expression of humility through the Crucifixion of Christ, which involved […]

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admin on December 24th, 2008

I have been comparing western “sin” with eastern “karma.”  For this entry on apprehensive confusion I will borrow directly from “Essay 18 – Our Sense of Belonging” in Systems out of Balance. “We all get confused.  The reason for our confusion determines whether this weakens our oneness or belonging.  I once attempted to learn German, […]

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