After a long dormancy I’m set to revive this blog.  In the interim I walked across the country along the American Discovery Trail, speaking about the abundance of kindness, virtues of community and issues of humanity.  I also observed and reported on kindness, community and humanity.  I continued to do so on a separate blog called Kindness, Community, Humanity.

Formally called the Middle Class Forum, I’m renaming this blog A Second Thought.  My concerns are for western society in general and not for one limited class.  Those concerns are founded on a different view, a second thought, about civilized v. natural humanity than what has dominated western civilization since the time of the Enlightenment.  My first series of posts on this blog revival will cover a few fundamental misconceptions in our society, fueled by “civilized” misinformation.  Often times these will be documents I prepared for my scribd account.

I’ll also work on bringing the features of this blog up to date as well, but it will take time.  Comments that wish to present an opposing view must not be anonymous.  State your name, your town and your vocation.  Anonymity is one of the many social problems pertaining to civilized, mass societies.  If you want to passionately oppose a view than own up to it, you won’t find me sympathetic to the cowardly practice of hiding behind the Internet.  Under no circumstances are comments to be personal, rude or condescending.  The spam filter generally does a good job of isolating that type of post, but I will keep an additional watch as well.

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