In the book Systems out of Balance my focus was illuminating how social systems work in ways we should not want.  This alone was a movement towards restoring balance, since the first step in addressing a problem is recognizing you have one.  The book includes a final essay titled “Restoring Balance” that provides some follow-up suggestions, and I have excerpted parts of that on The Middle Class Forum.  Yet as I transition this site from one being about “Systems out of Balance” to one about “Restoring Balance” this needs to take center stage rather than serve as an addendum.

People always ask me about how to restore balance and, admittedly, I generally leave them unfulfilled.  There is one very good reason for this.  As a “grassroots empiricist” I do not believe in one fixed dogma and think that people need the decentralized liberty to work out their own solutions, along with a federated process for the best solutions to “bubble up” to the top.  However, as a “social systems analyst” I acknowledge I have a valuable perspective for what enhances stability, diversity, adaptability, efficiency and, above all, homeostasis (balance).  There may be both conservative and liberal solutions that work, but both need to facilitate these important system ingredients.

This begins a series on restoring economic, political, cultural and personal balance.  That will transcend into a series for the basic tools of balance, which relates to a new book I am working on.

One footnote: I’m beginning a new comment policy that allows for anonymity.  A captcha feature will serve as extra protection for cutting down on spam and comments still have to add something constructive to the topic of the post.

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1 Comment on Restoring Balance Series

  1. Kayla says:

    I like how you admit the solution to more “balance” may lie in both conservative and liberal policies. There’s a lot of work to be done, especially for the middle class…