Thank you to the people who have commented so far.  There have not been many posted because of a requirement I have that is not commonly met.  This is now stated in the Comments Policy under Forum Features.  I require that you include a given name, town and state, since The Middle Class Forum is intended to be more of a community forum than a special interest group portal.  For people who would like to enter their comments again, meeting this requirement, please feel free to do so.  I apologize for the inconvenience.

I don’t get to see many comments, because my automatic spam checker just gobbles them up before I see them.  The amount of spam is incredible.  The ratio of spam to legitimate comments is almost as bad as the ratio of CEO salaries to blue-collar workers.  If any legitimate poster is a victim of my spam checker making a mistake I apologize once again.

Now to get back to the series on wealth distribution.  I’ve posted a few graphs in the past few days showing long term trends of greater wealth disparity.  Today was originally intended to place this in context by showing what has been happening with the inflation of consumer prices, but the comment policy needed to take precedence.  Tomorrow I will post a graph that compares the conversion factors for 2005 dollars with the inflation of various categories of goods, such as housing, health care, and pensions.  Since the conversion factors are based on the Consumer Price Index, also used for such things as indexing poverty and Social Security, we will get an idea of how relevant the CPI really is.