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This is the next entry excerpted from my Goodreads blog, about my first experience with a Print on Demand provider.  ALC = Author’s Learning Curve. I approached my first POD publisher for Systems out of Balance in December of 2008. As a newbie to PayPal I had trouble getting it to work in acquiring his […]

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admin on November 28th, 2010

Ever hear the phrase “don’t spit into the wind?”  Well, Pop’s got his own version of that based on his sea experiences. Most any sailor boy could tell which Yacht was about to “drop anchor” by her “lines”.  We were familiar with them all, and if a strange one came in we would look at […]

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K-species is ecological jargon for a population growth pattern that hovers in balance around the carrying capacity of the environment.  At the other end of the survival strategy spectrum are r-species, which colonize rapidly ahead of the competition, but because of this go through a series of booms and busts.  Many k-species rely on social […]

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Here is part two of the letter started last week.  More on Bar Harbor and rich lifestyles. Anyway The arrival of The Bar Harbor Express was quite an event with all the Porters, personal servants, luggage, pets and what have you, and the cars were something to see Rolls Royce, Packards, Marmons, Buicks, and Pierce […]

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Skepticism, curiosity, adaptability and free will make up our natural rights.  These are the fundamental choices Nature granted us in order to survive.  When we naturally choose to be skeptical we learn from experience rather than do everything by automatic instinct.  When we naturally choose to be curious we seek out new experiences to learn […]

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For the annotations of a You Tube channel I came across the following equations:  Corporations – Government = Capitalism; Corporations + Government = Fascism; Corporations / Government = Democracy.  The video was condemning corporatism and I suspected we were on the same page, given the last of the three equations.  I still do, but I […]

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This might be Pop’s longest letters and will be broken into three parts.  This part mainly describes “life in the day” working for the rich. June 26, 1965 Mr. Harold Lufkin, V.P. Newton Mfg. Co. Newton, Iowa Dear Mr. Lufkin: A few days after you left your usual interesting “missive” came along about Bar Harbor, […]

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*ALC = Author’s Learning Curve, cut and pasted from my Goodreads blog. In the last post I stated I felt compelled to write Systems out of Balance. This begs the question “Why?” Though this is tangential to my author’s learning curve, explaining why I wrote the book helps to flush out my story. We were […]

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ALC = Author’s Learning Curve.  These entries are from my Goodreads blog. In truth, I made a big mistake writing Systems out of Balance. In 2005 I felt compelled to take on the task, but there’s a problem that a natural scientist steeped in holism faces when tackling the social sciences. Everything is connected. How […]

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Here is part two of the letter posted two weeks ago.  Sorry for the lag time.  Pop puts in no uncertain terms what he thinks of Lyndon Johnson. Mama brought some “little necks” home from the First National a couple of weeks ago. I guess in all there were probably about two dozen clams and […]

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