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Find out why American sailors would get more drunk than their British counterparts. Speaking of foolish chaps, and we used to take care of our own in those days as there were very few insane hospitals, and also there were very few insane. Foolish, half witted Etc but none too dangerous or at least that […]

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I am the only male living in a house with four females.  Three have the same last name as me, including two daughters home from college; the fourth is a student we are housing from Yale’s summer school for music. We recently replaced our bathtub shelving.  We use a pole in a corner that stretches […]

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This is the first of two parts, focusing on Mt. Desert Island. June 26, 1964 Mr. Harold Lufkin, V.P. Newton Mfg. Co. Newton, Iowa. Dear Mr. Lufkin: It always arouses memories when I get a letter from dear old Bar Harbor. I am sorry you got stuck on the “Bar”, but the Sea has a […]

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This is the second part of the letter posted last week about Pop and the Roaring Twenties in New York City. WAS I green! I recall one night that Pat and I were walking along Broadway, and a chap stepped up and passed me a card. I have a very poor memory but to this […]

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After hiking over 2,000 miles to get to Mt. Katahdin, we were told we would have to come back some other time to climb it.  The most recent photo over on Wilderness Backpacking Trails shows our reaction.

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I’ve changed the title of the chapters so that the introduction is now “Human Nature” while Part Two of Restoring Balance is “Altruism.”  Here is that chapter. ALTRUISM Religion can be so confusing for a kid, particularly one with perhaps a too literal mind.  Even while being too young to know about tautologies or circular […]

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Pop’s first impressions of New York City during the Roaring Twenties.  This is part one of a long letter. April 22, 1964 Mr. Harold Lufkin, V.P. Newton Mfg. Co. Newton, Iowa. Dear Mr. Lufkin: Well, Mama has gone down to Winsted to attend a shower for one of our lovely daughter in laws and so […]

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On Sundays I have had a feature called Sense of Place with photos of the Norfolk village center around me.  This Sunday marks a return to nature photography, which I will post for now over on my wilderness backpacking trails site.

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There’s an article in Science titled “The Psychological Consequences of Money.”  The authors liken the effects of money to an intoxicating drug that encourages antisocial behavior.  People enamored with money want to be left alone. The problem with the article is that they label this antisocial state as self-sufficiency, a serious bit of misinformation.  How […]

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This is the last chapter I wrote for natural rights.  There is a tie-in between this and Memorial Day which I will relate in an upcoming series. If individuals focused on doing one thing all their lives without having a choice for alternatives they would become very effective and efficient at doing that one thing.  […]

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