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I’ve been a deacon, church school director, lay preacher and served on almost every committee of my Church.  I give what I can out of my material resources.  I also use this giving as a tax deduction.  Hey!  I’m not stupid!  Yet it would not matter to me whether there was a tax break or […]

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admin on October 30th, 2009

“On Faith and the Founding” is a tricky chapter to deconstruct in Liberty and Tyranny.  Without an understanding of Christian faith one is likely to be overwhelmed by Levin’s rhetoric in support of religious liberty.  Christianity marks a dramatic turning point in monotheism.  Before Christ, God had a chosen people based on culture and lineage.  […]

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admin on October 29th, 2009

It’s a given that Levin will use his fictional Statist in every chapter to exploit the vanity, cynicism and apprehensions of his readers.  It’s a given that he is backed by the ample resources of the corporate world and has a position of trust connected to the media.  The one principle for how we are […]

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Here is the next installment of Pop’s letters to the employers he loved, Newton Mfg. Co.  This one will be in two parts. May 29, 1960 Dear Mr. and Mrs. Lufkin: Needless to say it is a great disappointment to Janet and I not to see you people this trip. We do realize though that […]

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At 6750′ Panhandle Gap was our highest elevation during the hike.  This served as a true gap, dividing the viewshed north and south.  It was the most spectacular part of our journey.  More photos of Panhandle Gap can be found on my new blog about Wilderness Backpacking Trails.

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admin on October 23rd, 2009

In the last entry I stated that Mark Levin focuses more of his second chapter, “Prudence and Progress,” villainizing a bogeyman he calls a Statist (read, Modern Liberal) rather than focusing on explaining his own position.  I also explained what Levin’s “ordered liberty” probably means to him, based on a few sparse statements and his […]

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admin on October 22nd, 2009

Mark Levin’s second chapter is titled “Prudence and Progress.”  Recalling my previous deconstruction, equating Conservative with Liberty is a contradiction, abnormal if you will.  Conservatives are primarily for stability and order.  Liberty has little meaning unless change results.  Think of it this way.  The governments of the world could unite to decree that bees everywhere […]

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Here is the next installment of Pop’s letters, providing insight as to why he was a salesmen and a sailor. May 9, 1960 Mr. Harold Lufkin, V. P. Newton Mfg. Co., Newton, Iowa. Dear Mr. Lufkin: Well you are the nicest man! I had no idea that my average order was anything spectacular, and needless […]

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admin on October 18th, 2009

Day seven was absolutely the most spectacular part of the journey.  After a long climb out of White River Campground most of the day was spent up in the alpine region.

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I’ve been doing the deconstruction of Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny for about a month now, including the background materials.  That is enough time to gauge interest from readers to my blog.  It appears that my best “blogging strategy” would be to limit such posts to once a week.  Using my current method that would be […]

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