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Here’s the next installment of Pop’s letters to his employer, Newton Mfg. Co.  This one mentions my oldest brother Pete, who was a famous mountain climber in the fifties and sixties. July 24, 1959 John McConeghy Newton Mfg. Co. Newton, Iowa. Dear John: My abject apologies on this Jones Memorial account. He has given me […]

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admin on September 27th, 2009

This is the last of the “Day 5″ entries for the Wonderland Trail.  This one features the main attraction of the trail, Mt. Rainier.  The photos mainly speak for themselves, though I will add that the photo with my son Noah captures the moment when he became psyched about what our family was doing.

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Property is neither a natural right, as John Locke claimed, nor a fence to liberty, as claimed by James Madison.  The natural right claim is easily dismissed.  If you live in Connecticut you do not own property in California unless there is some type of government to back up your claim.  “Squatter’s rights” or “use […]

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admin on September 24th, 2009

Cindy and I are back from our anniversary “vacation,” which involved me doing book signings at the Big E.  Last week I did some prep work for deconstructing the misinformation in Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny by providing an overview of misinformation principles and declaring what “ideology” guides my analysis.  The remaining prep work is to […]

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admin on September 20th, 2009

There were a few good photos to share from Day 5 so I’ve split them up into three parts.  This second part features family shots.  Cindy and I just had our 23rd anniversary, we will be celebrating the next few days.

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admin on September 18th, 2009

I’m “setting the table” for the series to come on deconstructing the misinformation embedded in Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny.  In the last entry I provided a recap on misinformation that will provide the foundation of the deconstruction.  In this entry I provide my political perspective that will use Levin’s “Conservative Manifesto” as a foil. I […]

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I’m working on my next book, Knowledge out of Balance: A Primer on Misinformation, and ordered my misinformation principles to fit with certain categories.  By way of recapping the principles here is the new order. WHAT IS MISINFORMATION? 1.  Information begins with dogma. 2.  Invalid misinformation has omissions. 3.  Unreliable misinformation has distortions. WHY DOES […]

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admin on September 15th, 2009

I have in my files a few replies sent back to Pop from Newton Manufacturing Company.  Here is one such reply. July 24, 1959 Mr. Leon R. Sinclair Box 473 Norfolk, Connecticut Dear Leon: I thought your letter of the 9th about Pete was so good that I sent it on to Ken and he […]

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Day 5 on the Wonderland Trail will be divided into three parts:  natural features, rest stops and Mt. Rainier.

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Here is the rest of Pop’s letter of July 9, 1959 to his boss. When “Pete” was a mere six years old, I went off to war. Within a week after I left Janet was taken deathly sick with a Quincy sore throat. I could not get home or get leave. At the age of […]

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