admin on June 30th, 2009

A week ago I posted the first misinformation principle that is listed on my Systems out of Balance bookmark.  The second principle is one of the two most important.  We are misinformed about how we are misinformed. If you are a Democrat, do you believe what those misguided Republicans are saying?  If you are a […]

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admin on June 27th, 2009

(Started on 6/27.   Update added below on 6/28) As I was writing Systems out of Balance I tried to keep abreast of the misinformation being used to persuade us to continue with laissez faire policies.  The enhancement of liberty and wealth were the most dominant types of misinformation when I started.  Laissez faire economists twisted […]

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admin on June 25th, 2009

What we believe and how we behave forms middle class culture.  Over the course of my lifetime we have become a culture more engaged by interest groups than by our communities.  To thrive in the setting of community you have to be willing to harmonize diverse beliefs and behaviors.  To thrive with an interest group […]

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admin on June 23rd, 2009

Available from the Products and Services feature (right hand side of page) is a bookmark in pdf form that states 10 principles of misinformation.  The first one relates to a topic recently discussed, that we are misinformed on what is natural or normative. In Systems out of Balance I report on a version of the […]

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admin on June 21st, 2009

As I look back on my last entry, and on a recent flurry of comments, I realize how I’ve been diverted from my objectives of how I wanted to transition this web site.  It will take some time, but I will be working on getting forums set up where people can post anonymously, thus removing […]

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admin on June 20th, 2009

My comment policy dictates that people leave their name and town of residence for their comments to be posted.  The anonymity of the Internet is not a good thing in my view, fueling the movement away from community that is occurring in this country.  Admittedly this may be a quixotic battle on my part, the […]

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admin on June 19th, 2009

I received an anonymous comment the other day that casts some doubt as to whether a true meritocracy would benefit the middle class because of the vitality function (curve).  In essence I have addressed this already on The Middle Class Forum in a post that brought up the Pareto Principle.  The Pareto Principle theorizes that […]

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admin on June 18th, 2009

Under the entry “Middle Class Economics” I asserted that the middle class would thrive in a true meritocracy.  Perhaps I should have added that a true meritocracy would be built around the notion that wealth was generated by production, rather than trade.  Perhaps that qualifier might have preempted the anonymous response I got (hence, not […]

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admin on June 16th, 2009

The political essays from Systems out of Balance go into great depth regarding the shared ingredients for wisdom and democracy.  Both draw from diverse, independent and decentralized experiences.  Both find a way to determine the norm from these experiences.  Both serve the many, rather than the few. We started out as a federated democracy, drawing […]

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admin on June 14th, 2009

Part of the revamping of this web log for the post publication phase of Systems out of Balance will be to replace the categories that were associated with the book.  Some of the new categories remain the same, such as Economic Trends and Misinformation.  Over the next few weeks I will introduce what the new […]

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